One of the most tangible benefits of creating web video is the real conversation I find myself engaged in with my subjects.  In a recent batch of interviews rounding out SUNY Potsdam's Bicentennial Campaign I was fortunate to speak with Jude Kiah, a Potsdam Alum.  Jude is an energetic and thoughtful speaker.  He talked about his transformative experience at Potsdam, his near miss at enrolling, "If we had afternoon mail delivery, the Potsdam acceptance letter would have come two hours later and I would have enlisted in the Army, I came to Potsdam sight unseen, without any classes or anywhere to stay" and his realization early on that he needed to do some growing up, "an upper-classman looked at me and said 'dude you SCREAM Freshman.' "  Jude now works in higher ed, currently at Xavier University in Cincinnati.

I'm in the process now of editing this material to do my best to serve the client, SUNY Potsdam, but also to serve the viewer, and the subject.  It's not always and easy dance, but interviewees like Jude are full of the insight that keeps us all wanting to know more.