I shoot a lot of video, and edit as well, but I haven't really spoken much about the music that I also make.  I have been pretty obsessed since my teenage years with both.  I played in bands most of my life, largely as a drummer, but in the past twenty years many different instruments, becoming just good enough to - maybe- be dangerous.  I like to think of myself as a virtu-so-so.  I still play live, a little, in fact Jerod Stephen Doyle- an improv instrumental rock(?) trio has a show Oct 14 9pm at the Buc in Canton, New York.

It's a long story that I won't get into now, but I began recording as Utility Project back in 2001.  The photo, here, is of me getting some guitar down on the most recent album about a month ago.  I teach at SUNY Potsdam - an Audio Production course.   I also create a lot of the music that I use in the videos I produce.  Most recently, about a week ago, I got together with Harrison Park, a great improvisor on the violin- and Crane student.  He came down to play the school's Alma Mater a few different ways and while he was in the studio I had him lay down a little fiddle on a cover of the Watson Family (traditional) tune "Groundhog."  I discovered this tune about 25 years ago at my (then) local library in Santa Monica.  I always loved the song.  That's local piano legend Bill Vitek on piano, laying down the rhythm track with me.  Stephen Bird played bass.  I'll complete the tune with my own vocals and maybe something else, but for now, while everyone still likes it, it's a tight little instrumental.  I'll be using this in the SUNY Potsdam Campaign Closer video I'm working on.  I think it turned out pretty nice.